The Law Office of Jonathan Bachison, located in Ogden, Utah, is a law firm that focuses on finding solutions to its clients needs relating to criminal defense, immigration, personal injuries, divorce, child custody, adoption, business formation, and real estate matters.

We provide free consultations for immigration, criminal, and personal injury related matters.

Although some matters will require a retainer fee in order for the law firm to take on the case, there are various payment options available in order to make sure that anyone can afford the representation that they cannot afford to do without.

Some good reasons to hire Jonathan Bachison to be your lawyer and represent your interests are:

  • If you or a loved one is being deported, wants to fix their immigration status, or come to the country, you need the help of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer to tell you all of your options.
  • If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you need the immediate help of a criminal defense attorney that can give your case the attention that it needs to reach the best outcome possible.
  • If there has been an accident and you or someone you care about it hurt, a personal injury attorney should be contacted immediately to make sure that your best interests are taken care of.
  • You are tired of dealing with the emotional drama and uncertainty of an unworkable relationship with a spouse and just want a way out or just want to make sure that you are treated fairly in a divorce and all that it entails, alimony, custody, child support, visitation, property and assets.
  • You have lost a job or had a financial calamity and are so far in debt that there is no way to escape the grasp of creditors, bankruptcy can solve a lot of your problems and put you on a path to financial recovery and a happy life.

Bienvenido a la página de Jonathan Bachison. El es un abogado en Ogden, Utah. El habla español y le gusta ayudar clientes con problemas de inmigración, danos personales, y crímenes. El también esta dispuesto de tomar otros asuntos también.