Pres. Obama First Immigration Speech

I agree with what Pres. Obama said in his speech today. Reform of immigration laws is absolutely necessary. It is grossly ignorant to say that all the illegal immigrants just need to become legal. You ask any immigrant and they will tell you that is exactly what they want to do. However, because the way the immigration laws are structured, it is virtually impossible to achieve what everyone wants. The system is fundamentally flawed and does not reflect what society has come to accept as normal. Saying the immigration system is broken is an understatement. It was like the mechanic has installed the wrong part for the engine. It does not work.

The fact of the matter is that the United States needs these people. A lot of Americans have become very wealthy off the backs of immigrant work. There is also a significant portion of Americans that enjoy nice homes at a lower price because of immigrant work. The bottom line is that immigrants need to be treated better. As immigrant workers lived here, like all other humans, they started families and have had children that are American citizens by Constitutional right. What are we supposed to do? Kick out parents that take care of American citizens? Is that constitutional? Seems like the government would be doing a pretty bad job of looking out for the general welfare of a citizen who’s caregivers were just deported. Further, the United States cannot simply deport 11 million people. It would be a humanitarian crisis both in the United States and elsewhere. Read the article for a recap.

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