Childhood Arrivals Can Now Apply for Limited Immigration Benefits Including Deferred Action and a Work Authorization Permit.

Aug. 15, 2012, is the first day that immigrants that are childhood arrivals, or those who entered the United States unlawfully without inspection before their 16th birthday, can apply for what is called “deferred action”. Basically, if the petition for deferred action is approved, the government will not take an adverse action against the immigration for two years. This is not the “Dream Act” that did not pass in Congress, but is still a program targeted to help the same category of immigrants.

The eligible immigrant will also be able to apply for a work authorization permit. This is not a path to citizenship or even permanent residency, but will allow some immigrants some relief from the fear of being deported. There are a few other requirements as well, including having a highschool diploma or GED, completition of some military service etc. Not all immigrants are eligible for this program, but it is estimated that close to 1.7 million are. Eligibility can be determined by reading more about the program at the USCIS website or speaking with an immigration attorney. For more information, see the USCIS website.

The types of documents that should be included with the petition are a birth certificate, school transcript showing graduation, photo id, other documentation showing a continuous presence in the United States. Any immigrant that feels that they would benefit from this program should call my office for a free consulation and evaluation. (801) 436-7529.

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