Current Progression of United States Immigration Reform

Almost every time a client comes in and wants to talk about immigration matters, the conversation inevitably turns to talk regarding immigration reform. We then go through a discussion about why or why not immigration reform will happen soon. I believe the key to understanding the issue is to first understand what politics are about . . . essentially trading favors to accomplish a legal task or returning blows for having been stymied in the past. Right now in Congress, there is so much acrimony between the Republicans, Democrats, and the Office of the President, that there likely is not much hope on the horizon despite all sides playing lip service to the issue. Because these groups do not work well together, the Office of the President is the only party that is currently controlling the direction of immigration policy through the use of executive orders. Whether these orders or the extent of what has been ordered is Constitutional is subject entitled to its own post. However, for a more detailed history of what the current President has done, take a look at this news article.

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