Insurance is prevelant everywhere in society. It makes risks bearable by spreading risk among larger groups so that one person is not devastated when a loss occurs. An insurance policy is basically a contract and is governed by contract law. When a policy for insurance is purchased, one enters into an agreement with the insurance company to have deliniated risks covered for a price (premium). This is a binding contract and if the risk ever happens then the insurance company is contractually bound to cover the risk.

Everyone that has read an insurance policy would agree that they are difficult to read and sometimes unclear if a risk is covered or not. Sometimes people believe that certain risks are covered when they really are not. The basic way to read an insurance policy is (1) read the policy; (2) look for exclusions; and (3) look for exceptions to exclusions. Ambiguities in policy language are always interpreted against the insurance company.

Unfortunately, sometimes some insurance companies wrongfully deny claims that should be covered under the contract. In other cases, some people will try to make claims against insurance companies that are not covered under their policy. In either case, Jonathan is qualified to help either the policy holder or the insurance company and will work hard represent his client’s interests. If you feel you have a bad faith insurance claim or that your claim has been wrongfully denied, please contact Jonathan. Also, if an insurance company requires assistance in defending a claim, Jonathan is also willing to make sure that policy language is interpreted fairly and that the insurance company is treated fairly.