Intellectual Property

Intellectual property includes trademarks, service marks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and general image of a business or person. In many cases, an entity’s intellectual property is its most valuable asset. If one intends to maintain the integrity of their rights to a mark or image, they need to be proactive in maintaining and defending their rights. Because of the increased use of the internet in our daily lives, intellectual property laws are in a constant state of development. Intellectual property is a fascinating area of law and Jonathan truly enjoys these kinds of cases. Jonathan can help you with almost any need that you may have whether it is registering a trademark with the USPTO to defending your mark from someone else that may try to infringe upon your rights.

Jonathan can also assist if you have a problem where you feel that someone has misappropriated your trade secrets or someone is claiming that you misappropriated their trade secrets. Unfair competition through misappropriation of business secrets is illegal and Jonathan will do his best to ensure that your business is protected on the plaintiff’s side or help defend a claim of misappropriation on the side of the defense.

Again, the areas of intellectual property include:

  • trademarks
  • service marks
  • copyright
  • trade secrets
  • patent litigation